Gorlab Swamp

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Gorlab Swamp is the remains of an ancient town located on the Serpent Isle. It appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


Gorlab Swamp

Long before the Ophidians made Serpent Isle their home, a sorcerer named Rabindrinath swore to destroy the peaceful town of Gorlab when his efforts to take over the town council and rule its people failed, its people rejecting him. Furious, he swore he would make the people of Gorlab respect his powers.[1][2] He became obsessed with Dream Crystals and gathered as many as he could find. Because the nature of dream crystals is harmless, the people paid it little mind.[3] Rabindrinath soon gathered enough to form one large Dream Crystal. It’s unclear what Rabindrinath’s original intentions for the Dream Crystal were, but the spell he cast upon it tore a rift in the fabric of the Dream Realm. The explosion pulled the essence of all the townspeople, including Rabindrinath, into the realm.[4] Most villagers slipped into madness. What was left of their tortured souls was being protected by the once town healer, Siranush.[5]

The enchantment on Gorlab swamp was broken when the Avatar confronted Rabindrinath using the Helm of Courage, the Crystal Rose of Love and the Mirror of Truth. Protected by these, the Avatar killed Rabindrinath’s spirit and took the Dream Crystal to Siranush, who destroyed it and freed herself and her people to travel to whatever lies beyond death.


This murky area keeps a very dark secret which the supernatural forces that contain it will not release. It is impossible to enter the swamp itself, for long before one can approach too near, powerful enchantments induce slumber. Many witnesses attest to the veracity of this rumor, but I must see for myself.

Later note: It is truly amazing, but the stories are accurate! Mine own eyes have shown me, though I admit fear prevented me from experiencing this mysterious sleep first hand.



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