Lady Yelinda

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Lady Yelinda
Lady Yelinda, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Fawn

Lady Yelinda is the nominal ruler of Fawn on Serpent Isle. In reality, however, while her power is great in concept, others make the important decisions. She is said to be the most beautiful woman of Serpent Isle. She appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


When the Avatar arrived in Fawn, the hero and companions were invited to an audience with Lady Yelinda after a good public song from Iolo. She awarded him with a diamond necklace for Gwenno, but then Dupre slipped by revealing his allegiance to Lord British. Lady Yelinda didn't do much in the trial, but when the Avatar and the Cause revealed the truth behind the Oracle of Fawn, she finally realized the truth, and started to use her power for real, giving Dupre the Crystal Rose of Love as compensation for all the trouble.

Her new rule didn't last long, however. When Mad Iolo devastated Fawn, he left Lady Yelinda alive with a curse that completely removed her skin, mocking that beauty only goes skin-deep. The Avatar found her in the Gorlab Swamp and restored her with the Comb of Beauty. Thankful, she gave the hero the key to the treasury of Fawn.


  • The player may uncover Yelinda's tryst with Jorvin by following either character throughout the day until they come to sleep in the same chambers to the east of the palace. A search of this dwelling will turn up 73 filari and a key that unlocks a passageway in the palace leading to the city's serpent gate.
  • Zulith writes that he thinks of Lady Yelinda as a woman with the intelligence of a fish: Good to look at but no brain.