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The Helm of Monitor

The Helm of Courage (also called the Helm of Monitor) is an artifact revered by the people of Serpent Isle's Monitor during Ultima VII Part Two.


The Helm of Courage's origins are not precisely known, but the earliest Monitorian accounts of the item name it as the sacred property of the dread goblin king Gurnordir. He is said to have used the power of the helm, which was imbued with the principle for which it is named, to amass the goblin horde that almost conquered Monitor in antiquity. When Gurnordir was killed, Monitor claimed the helm as its own, and it was thereafter renamed the "Helm of Monitor" and given to the city's Champion Knights to wear as an emblem of their station.[1][2]

At the time of the Avatar's landfall on Serpent Isle, the Monitorians had recently lost possession of the Helm, which had been seized from the city's Knight Champion, Astrid, when she was slain in the midst of a goblin ambush. In the course of the hero's adventures, the Avatar would eventually reclaim the Helm, retrieving it from the slain goblin chief Pomdirgun. The artifact, along with the Crystal Rose of Love and the Mirror of Truth, would later prove crucial in traversing the mysterious Dream Realm and combating the mad Rabindrinath.


Dost thou have the protection of Courage to face thy dreams? Can thine helm face the power and kiss the lips of sweet death?

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