Issik's Maze

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Issik's Maze can be found north-west of Serpent's Fang in the past of Serpent Isle, The Silver Seed era.


Issik created the maze to challenge warriors of Order and to keep the treasures of Order safe. Upon the outbreak of the war, he had to finish the maze in three months, but upon completing his magical creation, accidentially became trapped within it himself and starved to death, thus never passing on the key to beating the maze. After some attempts to find him, Order sealed off the maze and it stayed sealed until Yurel fled into it.

The maze is comprised of four levels, each level being comprised of 36 rooms, which are navigated by walking into a room and allowing a doorway to open in another wall. However, the Avatar can become trapped within the maze if all doorways close when the particular cell is entered. In that case, one had to suicide in the blue fires in the corners to be returned to the beginning of the level.

Yurel can be found in the last level of the maze, and for a piece of cheese, he will allow the Avatar to take the purple Orb necessary for unlocking the door to the Silver Seed.

Another item of note found within the maze is the Helm of Light, a magic item which when worn, removes the need of torches.


  • Originally there would have been a Ratman in the last level, alluding to the rat caught in a maze theme. Also, wanting a piece of cheese was more in line with that.

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