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Verity Isle lies in the east of Britannia, to the south of Dagger Isle. Home to Moonglow, the city of Honesty, as well as to the prestigious Lycaeum, the island bears numerous landmarks named for the moons and for concepts relating to Truth and Honesty. A moongate is accessible on its southeastern shore.


Verity Isle changed little over the ages, and was one of the few landmasses largely spared by the eventual Great Cataclysm - although the slow march of Moonglow's expansion would eventually push back the forests which one covered much of its surface.


In the northeastern part of Britannia lies Verity Isle, famous as the home of the Lycaeum.


Verity Isle[1]
  • Verity Isle is one of the few areas of Britannia which has a detailed map (see right) which gives proper names for locations on and around the island. (see right)

Things to see[edit]


  1. Translation of Runic: [1] The Lycaeum [2] Lycam Bridge [3] Bay of ---uh (blocked by parallel rule, potentially Bay of Truth) [4] [U/V]erity Bridge (ambiguous as the 'U' rune was previously used for 'U' and 'V') [5] Massar Isle [6] Ooom [7] Bay of the Moon [8] Moon Bridge

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