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In Ultima IV, V, VI, VII, and IX, a small outcroppping is located off the eastern coast of Britannia's Dagger Isle. This satellite island is unnamed throughout the series, save only for the anomalous Super Nintendo port of Ultima VII, in which it is identified as Janus Island.


The island in Ultima IX
Janus Island labeled on the map screen of Ultima VII (SNES), the only time it is named

Barren and rocky, the secluded islet has historically been separated from the larger Dagger Isle only by a strait, with Verity Isle neighboring a somewhat greater distance to the south. While it otherwise bears little of interest on its surface, traditionally carved out of the southern face of its mountainous center is the entrance to Deceit, one of the eight major dungeons of Britannia.


Throughout most of history the island's only apparent purpose was to host Deceit's entryway, rarely holding any other significance for the realm. By the time of the Black Gate affair in 361, this entrance was instead found on Dagger Isle, in its place a short tunnel containing the modest graves of six deceased (their origins and causes of death unspecified). Furthermore, the lesser island's location had shifted such that it was now also directly adjacent to Verity's northwestern peninsula.

Unlike much of Britannia, the Great Cataclysm unleashed by the Guardian in the late Age of Armageddon did not have a significant geographical effect on the diminutive islet, other than to marginally expand the distance between it and Dagger Isle. By the the time of Ultima IX, Deceit could once again be accessed here as in earlier ages, and it was during this period that the Avatar, having escaped imprisonment in the dungeon, could for the first time meet another traveler to the island's surface: the warrior Duncan of nearby Moonglow.


Ultima IX[edit]

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