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The training field in Jhelom

Jhelom is the city situated on the Valorian Isles in the southwest seas of Britannia. It is dedicated to the virtue of Valor, and as such has long been a stomping ground for fighters, warriors and mercenaries. Jhelom has often been a bit of a wild location as a result, with duels often undertaken as a means of conflict resolution.

Due to its focus on the arts of war, Jhelom has long had a thriving arms and armour trade, in addition to hosting an array of trainers and a thriving hospitality industry, which caters to the often transient brawlers who are attracted to the towne. For a time, it was also home to the famous Library of Scars, a school of martial training renowned for the ruthlessness and skill of its students.

A moongate on the Jhelom's western isle has long ensured fast transportation to the mainland.


Jhelom was founded sometime after the destruction of Exodus, during Lord British's renaissance of arts and sciences that heralded in the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment.

Age of Enlightenment[edit]

In Ultima IV, with the development of the Quest of the Avatar and the spread of the Eight Virtues, the city became devoted to Valor. The city, or at least is walls, seemed to have been recently built during the time when the Stranger first visited Jhelom, as their architect Nostro was found still alive, albeit very near death, having been walled up within them.[1] It was during this age that Geoffrey first joined with the Stranger in the hero's quest for Avatarhood.

By the time of Ultima V, the city, like most of Britannia's major settlements, fell victim to the Shadowlords. When the Avatar came to the city, the hero found that Goeth, Jhelom's elected member of the Great Council had fallen to a strange madness, rendering him unable to communicate normally.

Later, in the age of the Ultima VI, Jhelom had begun to earn its reputation as a rough town, with brawls breaking out frequently. The mayor at the time, Lord Zellivan proposed a tournament of strength to determine who should carry the Rune of Valor. Farcically, the contest ended with rat stealing the unguarded rune, and it was only with the assistance of Sherry, an intelligent mouse, that the Avatar was able to reclaim the artifact

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Over the next two hundred years, the city expanded onto the western Valorian isle, and its cutthroat nature intensified. The Library of Scars was founded, and brought with it a sentiment of violence. Dueling became the official pass time of Jhelom, and Master De Snel, head of the Library, used his prowess to browbeat the city's inhabitants to his whims. By Ultima VII, even Joseph, the mayor of Jhelom, feared to act against De Snel.

The Avatar eventually uncovered De Snel's past work as an assassin for the Fellowship, a seemingly benign philosophical society with clandestine inner workings. Upon confronting De Snel, the hero was attacked, and was forced to slay the fighter. Syria, a warrior woman from the south, was eventually installed as De Snel's replacement, although her effect on the political arenas of Jhelom has been lost to history.

Later, Jhelom was lost to the world when the eight columns of the Guardian erupted from the Britannian earth, causing a great geological cataclysm. This upheaval was the font of volcanic eruptions which destroyed Jhelom, burying it under the sea. By Ultima IX, the fighters of Jhelom had largely resettled in the dangerous city of Valoria.


The claws of the southern tip of Britannia embrace the Cape of Heroes. Slightly to the west lie the Valorian Isles. The walled town of Jhelom provides Lord British with the best fighters and also has the largest inn of the Realm, where the service is outstanding.
Far off the mainland, among the mountains on the central and largest of the Valorian Isles, the bustling towne of Jhelom provides food and lodging to visitors as well as to its fighters and students of Valor. A fine armoury and shipwright ensure safe access to the mainland.
Many of Britannia's most esteemed warriors have emerged from the town of Jhelom in the far southwestern region of the Kingdom on the main island of the Valorian Isles. Lodging, supplies, armaments and a prosperous shipbuilding industry are to be found in this bustling town by the sea.
Located in the Valorian Isles in southwest Britannia, Jhelom is a meeting place for fighters, paladins, and rangers. It is the birthplace of many an esteemed Britannian warrior. This City of Valor is also known for its well-stocked armoury, the hospitality of its barmaids and for its local fighting club, the Library of Scars.
Though we have no formal brotherhood of knights, Jhelom is not without its share of good, hardy, solid fighters. Every day at noon, in fact, all of the townsfolk gather in the commons to spar and duel.
Jhelom is another tumultuous area, as civic leaders work hard to tame the town's violent spirit and harness it to make Britannia's dangerous landscape safer.


Ultima IV[edit]

Map of Jhelom in Ultima IV


Ultima V[edit]

Jhelom level 1
Jhelom level 2

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

Jhelom - Ultima V: Lazarus Map

Ultima VI[edit]

Map of Jhelom in Ultima VI

The Ultima VI Project[edit]

Jhelom - Ultima 6 Project Map

Ultima VII[edit]

Map of Jhelom in Ultima VII

Ultima VII (SNES Port)[edit]

  • Byrne: provisioner
  • Gilmore: governor of Jhelom
  • Jenn: fighter; functionally similar to Syria


Ultima IV[edit]

Ultima V[edit]

Ultima VI[edit]

Ultima VII[edit]

Things to see[edit]


  • There is a real city in Pakistan called Jhelum which is known as the "city of soldiers".


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