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The Heroes' Hole or Hero's Hole is a dungeon in the mountains west of Trinsic, near to the Shrine of Honor It appears in Ultima VI and in the Super Nintendo port of Ultima VII.


Heroes' Hole earned its name due to its history as a testing ground for the knights of Serpent's Hold, who would frequently journey to these caves to prove their prowess in battle. Within its depths lay numerous perils, including a vicious hydra and, for a time, a rogue necromancer who had sought shelter within its lowest caverns. Those who dared plumb its lowest levels would even find that the caverns interlinked with those of the distant Dungeon Despise.

Ultima VII (SNES Port)[edit]

While the Heroes' Hole did not make an appearance in Ultima VII for the PC, it did appear in the SNES version of the game. There, it contained a valuable piece of equipment known as the Scale Boots, a piece of footwear constructed such that those who wore them could even withstand walking over active patches of lava.[1]


Now here's someplace I've never been, and never will be if I can help it! Some of the would-be heroes from Serpent's Hold sometimes journey here to test themselves. They just want something to brag about back at the hold, no doubt. One of the ones who actually made it back provided me with this map. From what I hear, the place is aptly named -- though not deep, it features enough of a variety of monsters to satisfy just about any hero. Alligators, reapers, acid slugs... I've heard tales of an enormous hydra down there, and a vile necromancer as well -- with his servants, living and unliving both. a fine test for a valiant warrior, but no place for a carefree bard like myself, I hear there's an underground connection to the dungeon Despise, but that place is no vacation spot either...

- Mandrake


For a solution to the dungeon in Ultima VI, see: Heroes' Hole Solution
For a solution to the dungeon in The Ultima 6 Project, see: The Ultima 6 Project Heroes' Hole Solution


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