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In the Drylands

In the later days of Britannia, the northeastern part of the continent became consumed by a vast and expansive desert known as the Drylands (or Dry Lands). Home to the Shrine of Sacrifice, this area has at times housed a colony of giant ants, as well as the mining town of Vesper and its accompanying mines.


At the time of Britannia's christening, the place that would become the Drylands was a mix of grassland, forest and swamps, with the archaic town of Vesper lying to the south. It is unknown how this region became desertous and barren, but the change had occurred by the time of the Avatar's return during the reign of Blackthorn. For decades after its formation, the Drylands sole inhabitant was Sin'Vraal, a Gargish hermit who lived alone in the wastes in a simple hut. Eventually, however, a settlement named Vesper reappeared in its southern stretching, bringing along with it the industry of the Britannian Mining Company.

In time, the land upon which the Drylands stood vanished; one of the many victims of the geological changes wrought by the Great Cataclysm.


The deserts of northeastern Britannia are hot, dry, and easy to lose one's way in. Besides all sand looking much like all other sand, the heat is apt to play tricks on the eye, misleading travelers with landmarks that are not really there. Britannia's third large lake, the one-time picturesque Lake Generosity, was a casualty of the great drought of the northeast and is now simply a bed of dry sand.

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