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The Ant Mound
The Ant Mound is located south of the Shrine of Sacrifice in the sandy heat-infested desert of the Drylands. It is, as the name states, the home of the Giant Ants. The system of narrow, dark and small caves is dangerous as the sheer amount of Ants can quickly overwhelm greedy adventurers searching for loot. On the lowest levels, the Ant Queen is found.

In Ultima VI, the body of the ex-pirate Ol' Hawknose is found there behind the massive Ant Queen.


For a solution to the problem in Ultima VI, see: Ant Mound Solution


Now, my friends will tell you that I was drunk and imagined the whole thing, but I really was all the way down to the bottom of this place. It all started out at the Shrine of Sacrifice. Don't ask me how I got there. That's a long story in itself, and one I don't like to think about. Anyhow, a band of brigands decided it would be best if I were to sacrifice all my drinking water, and my wineskin as well, to say nothing of my horse and the gold I was carrying. I tried to make it out of the desert on foot, but was already thirsty when they surprised me at the shrine, and I soon collapsed from the heat.

I woke up someplace cool and dark, and when I struck a light there were giant ants everywhere. Now, some say there's a fairy godmother who looks out for all bards. If there is, I'm sure she was working overtime that day. Not only had I recently received a ring of invisibility as a gift from a lady friend, but I had managed to sneak it into my boot before the brigands noticed it. I put that ring on in a mighty big hurry, I can tell you!
Once I was safe, I got curious, so I started exploring. Seems I was in the Queen's chamber, brought down as food or something. There was a fellow over in the corner who hadn't been as lucky as me. On the third level up, I found a big trash heap full of things the ants didn't care to eat, I suppose. As I moved on, I saw workers scurrying around everywhere, moving around bits of trash, digging new tunnels... It's like an underground city. Up on the second level I found one of their food storage chambers. It seems they really like grapes, which makes them creatures after my own heart, in a way. I prefer mine fermented, but there's no accounting for tastes. The grapes seemed fresh enough, so I ate all I could and then stuffed my pockets with more. 'Twas enough to see me out of the desert alive, thank the fates. I also found a small pond down there, and there were nightshade mushrooms everywhere. I was just starting to figure out the pattern of tunnels on the first level when my invisibility wore off, and I had to make a run for it. I tell you, it was an experience I'll never forget.
- Mandrake

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