Fiend's Domain

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The Fiend's Domain is an area south-east of Serpent's Fang wherein lurks the former wizard, Shal, now known as The Fiend. They appear in The Silver Seed


When the wizard Shal lost his mind to pure chaos and became the evil Fiend, he continued to live in Shal's old housing, but made sure he would not be disturbed while being in his fanatical search to regain the Ring of Reagents. The tunnels are riddled with wildmen, bronze-type automatons, and contain many magical and mundane traps as well as blind corridors which can quickly kill unwary adventurers.

The most notable item in the Fiend's Domain is the Ring of Reagents, created by Shal before he went insane and which the Fiend is trying to regain. Found as well is the yellow Orb needed to access the chamber of the Silver Seed, which Order lost to a thief from Chaos, who had fled into the Fiend's Domain.

Locations in The Silver Seed
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