Argentrock Isle

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Argentrock Isle, City of Theurgists

Argentrock Isle is a secluded location appearing in Ultima VIII.


Argentrock Isle

Argentrock Isle lies to the east of the Morgaelin mainland, and may only be reached via bridge or through the magic arts. For centuries, it was home to a monastery of Stratos' followers, who flocked to this peaceful retreat to study the healing arts of theurgy in seclusion.


It was on Argentrock that Stellos first heard the mystic voice of the Titan of Air, and it was here that the sage lost his eyesight in an attempt to resurrect the beloved of Kalen. After having thus borne witness to the extent of Stratos' power, Stellos established the Order of Enlightenment upon Argentrock, erecting a monastery on the lonely isle that he might transmit what wisdom he had been given to his followers.

In the Avatar's quest to ascend to Titanhood, the hero would steal the Breath of Wind from the Titan's seat north of Argentrock, and would thus sever the connection between Stratos and her disciples. This act also precipitated Stellos' death, and as the Avatar departed from Pagan it remained unclear as to what fate would await this quiet islet and its inhabitants.


This small islet, reached only by a bridge, is home to the monastery of the Order of Enlightenment. There the Theurgists have the opportunity to attend to their studies in the peace and quiet necessary to achieve Enlightenment and Purity. Those Theurgists who learn well the lessons of Stratos are permitted to visit Windy Point, where a truly pure Adept might hope to hear the Mystic Voice.


  • Cyrrus: a novice theurgist
  • Stellos: the informal leader of the Order of Enlightenment
  • Stratos: the elemental Titan of Air
  • Torwin: a novice theurgist
  • Xavier: a theurgist

Things to see[edit]

Map of Argentrock Isle


  • The enchanted sword known as the Protector may be found in the basement of Argentrock's monestary.

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