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A dungeon known as the Cyclops Cave appears in Ultima VI and Ultima VII.


Battle in the Cyclops Cave
True to its name, the cyclops cave was home to a number of cyclopes tribes throughout the ages, and could prove a harrowing adventure for an inexperienced traveler who earned the giants ire. Originally located in the hills west of Britain during the time of Ultima VI, the cave bearing this name later moved to the mountains surrounding Cove, where the Swamp Tunnels once lay.

Ultima VII (SNES)[edit]

The Cyclops Cave also appeared in the SNES Port of Ultima VII, where it was located in the same place it was in Ultima VI. Although the treasures of this cavern were always scanty, in this version of the game the Avatar could find a suit of Plate Armour within the dungeons tunnels, which might be useful to the hero early on in their quest.


This is a simple place, home to a small tribe of cyclops. I wandered there once, thinking it deserted and a good place to take shelter on a rainy night. The cyclopses don't speak our tongue, so when they found me I started playing my lute. Lucky for me, they liked it, and started clapping their hands with glee and hopping around to the tune. You should have heard the ground shake!

When I was finished playing, they took me down to the bottom level and shoved some meat and fish at me. The food didn't smell too fresh, but I put it in my pack anyway. It's didn't seem a good time to be perceived as ungrateful. I was baffled by the huge stockpile of powder kegs down there at first. Were they preparing for a siege? When we went back upstairs and I watched them eat, the answer became obvious. They were using the kegs like pepper shakers, shaking the stuff on their food for flavor! One of the younger ones liked to sprinkle the powder into the cooking fire and watch it sizzle. I'm just glad he didn't blow us all up.
After they finished eating, the cyclopes made it clear they wanted me to play some more. So I kept at it until they all fell asleep. By that time it had stopped raining, so I slipped away and found someplace safer to sleep. - Mandrake


For a solution to the dungeon as it appears in Ultima VII, see: Cyclops Cave Solution

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