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Plate armour (male, female)

Plate armour (known as "iron armour" in the Nintendo Port of Ultima III) is protective clothing that has been crafted entirely out of articulated metal, such as iron or steel. It is available to characters from Ultima I through Ultima IX.


A full set of standard Britannian plate generally consists of a helm of some variety (typically a great helm), a metal cuirass, leggings (formed of component greaves and some type of upper thigh and knee protection), gauntlets, a gorget and metal boots (termed sabatons on Earth).[1]

Throughout the Age of Darkness and into the early Age of Enlightenment, plate armour was presumably always sold as a set. As time progressed (and as the Ultima game engine grew more complex and better able to support discrete armour slots), plate became a commodity sold by the piece, and it could take some shopping around on the part of an enterprising adventurer to assemble a full outfit. In later eras still, the arm-shielding portions formerly included with a cuirass (likely similar to the pauldrons and vambraces of Terran armour) were also sold separately.

Plate offers the most comprehensive form of protection affordable from non-enchanted armour, but has significant drawbacks in its heavy weight and high price. Those lacking the stamina to march long in such apparel, or whose purses are simply light, often combine pieces of plate with other varieties of armour to make do.

Defensive Values[edit]

Ultima VII[edit]

In Ultima VII, a complete set of plate armour contains the following pieces. The numbers listed after indicate the relative effectiveness of the armour:[2]

Piece Defense Value
Chest 4
Great Helm 4
Leggings 3
Gorget 3
Gauntlets 2

Ultima IX[edit]

In Ultima IX, the components and defensive values of plate armour are as follows:[3]

Piece Defense Value
Helm 6
Chest 18
Arms 11
Gauntlets 6
Leggings 8
Boots 6


The aristocrat of the armourer's craft, plate affords more protection than any other conventional armour. Each suit is tailor made to thy shape. The cost is naturally sizable, but the effect is inspiring. A favorite among Paladins.
Custom made from hand-forged sheets of metal, plate armour affords its wearer the most complete protection possible. However, it is very expensive and can be borne only by the strongest.
Plate mail affords the finest protection, as a mailed warrior can lead the vanguard of any charge. Yet, it is extremely expensive to have a suit of mail tailored. Those who make the investment do not regret it.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)


  • At the time of Ultima II, a minimum Strength attribute of 21 is required to wear plate armour.

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