Shrine of the Ancient Ones

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The Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Description and History[edit]

The Zealan Gods
The Shrine of the Ancient Ones is a Zealan Temple deep under the surface, long forgotten by many. Only one entrance exists, from the Catacombs. Inside the Shrine, behind a number of trap systems, puzzles, and a maze, exists a temple with three statues, representation of the three Gods of Emotion: Amoras the God of Love, Apathas the God of Balance, and Odion the God of Anger. Behind them lies the tomb of Khumash-Gor, the greatest warrior in all of Pagan.

It was here, where the Avatar met the Gods. After defeating Khumash-Gor and retrieving the Obelisk Tip, the Avatar was told, how to leave Pagan.

The Zealan Ceremony Shield and the Skull of Quakes can be found within the Shrine.


Map Files[edit]

The following image was originally hosted on Pagan the Beautiful by Julio Siqueira:

Shrine of ancients2.jpg


  • It is unknown what purpose the separated area with the star shaped rock formation in bottom of the map was made for.
  • The Ancient Ones are in the Lovecraftian Mythos a separate race of Outer Gods who acts as the Ultimate Gate. They eternally dream atop their hexagonal pedestals, stirring only when disturbed in some way, or visited by a worthy traveler who has found his or her way through the First Gate. These timeless entities dwell in a vast and mighty temple beyond space and time, somewhere between the planes.

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