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Apathas, from Ultima VIII
Species: Zealan God
Ultima VIII
Location: Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Apathas is the Zealan god of neutrality on the world of Pagan. He appears in Ultima VIII.


The god Apathas represented perfect indifference and just thinking, and served as a mediator between Odion, god of hatred, and Amoras, goddess of love.[1] He and his fellow deities, however, were eventually displaced by the four Titans, after the manufactured threat of the Destroyer led the people of Pagan to abandon the worship of their traditional gods that they might give service to the newly-embodied elements.

For many centuries, the remnants of Apathas, Odion and Amoras remained buried in their abandoned shrine, until such a time as the Avatar discovered them in their wanderings. Seeing the potential that burned within the hero, Apathas exhorted them to lay low the Titans and steal their powers, and to this end he instructed them to claim the nearby Obelisk Tip, an artifact guarded by the ghost of the warrior king, Khumash-Gor.[2]


  • Apathas' symbol is a balanced scale.
  • Apathas is the father of Remvatos the Observer, a scholar who is credited for writing Pentology.[3]
  • Apathas is voiced by Rob Corell. In the French and German translations, he is played by Bertrand Conquelet and Klaus F. Michlmayr, respectively.
  • Apathas' name likely derives from the Greek word ἀπάθεια (apatheia), meaning "without passion."


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