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Odion, from Ultima VIII
Species: Zealan God
Ultima VIII
Location: Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Odion is the Zealan god of anger on the world of Pagan. He appears in Ultima VIII.


Odion represented the forces of hatred, anger and grief and his might was connected to the presence of these dark emotions within his people, waxing greatly in times of strife and warfare. He was forever locked in struggle against Amoras, the goddess of love and joy, and their unending struggle was mediated by Apathas, the god of neutrality.[1]

When the Guardian and the Titans made their bid for power, Odion and his companions found themselves quickly abandoned, as the people of their world turn to worshiping the elemental powers in the hopes that they might be saved from the wrath of the Destroyer. In time, Zealan civilization and its religion fell, and Odion was left without worshipers - a shadow of his former self.

When the Avatar found their way into the Shrine of the Ancient Ones where Odion's statue lay enshrined, the dead god saw potential in the wandering hero, and with his fellow gods, he urged them to seek the defeat of the four Titans and wrest their powers from them. To this end, he advised the Avatar seek the Obelisk Tip, a potent blackrock artifact guarded by the spirit of Khumash-Gor.[2]


  • Odion's symbol is a stylized flame.
  • Odion is voiced by Keith Kelly. In the French and German translations, he is played by Didier Jumeau and Thomas A. Simon, respectively.
  • Odion's name likely derives from the Latin word odium, meaning "hatred."


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