Skull of Quakes

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The area opened by the Skull of Quakes
The Skull of Quakes in Pagan is an unusual key to open a room in the Upper Catacombs containing the local Recall Pad. It appears in Ultima VIII


Skull of Quakes

The Avatar heard of the Skull when reading correspondence between a Lieutenant Vittek and Mordea, in which they write about the disappearance of it from the Catacombs. The Avatar found it in the Shrine of the Ancient Ones and used it on a glowing red spot in the Upper Catacombs to clear the way to a Recall Pad, creating a good shortcut to the Catacombs.


  • The whole sequence with the skull is littered with story holes. Neither is there an explanation why it is found at the shrine, nor what to actually do with it, thus its use can only be discovered by trial and error. This most likely is the result of changes during programming when the skull's original use got cut out, creating the inconsistencies in the final game.