Obelisk Tip

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Obelisk Tip
The Obelisk Tip is one of the five fragments of the great Blackrock Obelisk of Pagan. It is the object of power of the Titan of Ether: the Avatar. It appears in Ultima VIII


When the Obelisk was shattered by the Guardian, the Obelisk Tip was found by the Zealans and stored in the tomb of Khumash-Gor, where it would be safely guarded by his restless spirit. It stayed with him, until the Avatar found it there in after defeating Khumash-Gor. The Avatar used it at the end to activate the power necessary to leave Pagan, when it melted into the newly created Obelisk.


There is considerable speculation about a fifth fragment. Apparently the tip of the great obelisk was seen hurling through the air almost entirely intact. However, no one ever saw the item land, so its location remains a mystery.Were all of the fragments to be gathered together and taken to an area near the location of the ancient Temple, it might be possible to recreate the effects of the obelisk. Of course, it to would still be necessary to fabricate a magical field of some sort to channel the energy from whatever source first gave the obelisk power.
- from The Destruction of the Temple (Ultima VIII)

Forming the Blackrock Obelisk
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