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Amoras, from Ultima VIII
Species: Zealan God
Ultima VIII
Location: Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Amoras is the Zealan goddess of Love on the world of Pagan. She appears in Ultima VIII.


Amoras was the living embodiment of emotions such as empathy, compassion and love - and her power was said to grow in strength when such charitable feelings were prevalent amongst her people. She was continually locked in opposition with Odion, god of hatred and warfare, and this dynamic was arbitrated by Apathas, the god of justice and neutrality.[1]

With the coming of the Guardian and the four Titans, however, Amoras found herself stripped of her followers - as the people of Pagan clamored for Gods which could stay the wrath of the Destroyer. After Zealan civilization crumbled and gave way to the worshipers of the titanic powers, Amoras and the other members of her triad faded into obscurity,

Centuries later, the Avatar would uncover their shrine as they wandered the catacombs beneath Tenebrae's Cemetery. Seeing the potential in the foreign hero, Amoras and her comrades would exhort them to strip the Titans of their power as the Titans had stripped them of theirs, instructing the Avatar to face the remnants of Khumash-Gor and seek the Obelisk Tip he guarded.[2]


  • Amoras' symbol is an open hand holding a heart.
  • Amoras is voiced by Lauri Raymond. In the French and German releases, she is played by Valrie Revault and Julia Stielow, respectively.
  • Amoras' name likely derives from the Latin word amor, meaning "love."


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