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Khumash-Gor, from Ultima VIII
Species: Ghost
Ultima VIII
Location: Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Khumash-Gor was a powerful warlord known for uniting the disparate Zealan tribes. His ghost appears in Ultima VIII.


Khumash-Gor was a great Zealan warrior who led a campaign of conquest which ultimately consolidated the various squabbling peoples of Pagan under his rule. This act earned him acclaim from man and god alike, and after his eventual assassination, his remains were interred alongside the Shrine of the Ancient Ones.

Centuries after his death, the Avatar would come to disturb his spirit's slumber, so as to acquire the Obelisk Tip and the Scimitar of Khumash-Gor which lay enshrined alongside his remains. Ultimately the hero emerged triumphant in the battle against Khumash-Gor's shade, leaving the warrior's remains to be desecrated by flame as they robbed his tomb of its treasures.[1]


Though the Zealans were not known for valuing peace between their various tribes, one leader did step forward to unite them for some time. He was known as Khumash-Gor, and was considered a great warrior. He brought his people together by conquering most of the other tribes and then integrating them into his own. The unified community grew and prospered under his rule, until he was assassinated several decades into his reign. After the death of Khumash-Gor, the Zealans fell again into quarrelling tribes.
- from The Objective History of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

Video[edit] The Avatar meets - and defeats - Khumash-Gor (using Grant Peace).


  • Khumash-Gor's ghost may only be defeated using a magical weapon, or by invoking the necromantic spell, Grant Peace.
  • In the English Speech Pack, Khumash-Gor is voiced by actor Ev Lunning, who would later go on to play General Quentin Maxis in the Crusader series, as well as both Lord British and Hawkwind in Ultima IX. In the French and German translations, the part of Khumash-Gor is played by Jean Pierre Demessant and Rolf D. Busch, respectively.


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