Deadman's Island

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Deadman's Island (later known as Fellowship Island) is a small island lying to the east of the Isle of Deeds, in the far south of Britannia.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

During the Avatar's early travels to Britannia, the small island lay uninhabited despite its close location to Serpent's Hold, with no major structures or population centres present.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

By the time of the Avatar's adventures concerning the Black Gate, the Fellowship, looking for an isolated location to construct their Meditation Retreat in order to house the Cube Generator, had built a small walled compound on the island. With the dismantling of the Fellowship, the island again became uninhabited, and merely a small sand dune jutting out from the Britannian sea remained by the Avatar's final journey to the land.


On this island is, not surprisingly, the Meditation Retreat of The Fellowship. I can tell thee nothing of this place, save for the name of the man who is in charge, for Ian will permit only Fellowship members within its gates. However, outside of this restriction, he is friendly, and will answer any questions he deems appropriate.

Things to see[edit]


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