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Ruins of Magincia

Magincia was once a legendary testament to Humility -- but not by design. Magincia started out as a thriving merchant community, the envy of all Britannia. A few years after its foundation, the Magincians fell prey to Pride, transforming their town into an opulent and decadent city of vast gardens and marble palaces.

As its citizens grew ever more proud, they fell away from the path of Virtue, attracting the attention of Daemons. A daemonic horde descended on Magincia, slaughtering most of its citizens and destroying the once-beautiful city. Their souls lived on as undead creatures to warn others of the dangers of Pride. At least one person survived the carnage, the humble shepherdess Katrina, who stayed to watch over the ruined town which was now haunted by the spirits of the restless dead.

The Stranger visited the ruins of Magincia in Ultima IV while on the Quest of the Avatar, where young Katrina joined the hero's group of Companions. Not long after the Stranger earned the title of "Avatar", the dead within Magincia were finally put to rest, and humble New Magincia was erected upon the ruins.


Somewhere, out beyond civilization, is also reputed to lie the ruins of the legendary town of Magincia, which the gods destroyed for the insufferable pride of those that dwelt there. All of the marble palaces and gardens were devastated, and the rich, haughty inhabitants reduced to haunting spirits. No one has ever confirmed this legend, so it may just be a fable to frighten the weak of the heart and instill humility in those who overvalue their own worth.


Ultima IV[edit]

Detail: The Ruins of Magincia, Ultima IV

In Ultima Online[edit]

In Ultima Online Magincia was a sinful place of exactly the decadence described in The History of Britannia. However, in 2007, the city's sins caught up with it and the hordes of daemons did attack the city, burning it to the ground and devastating the island.

As of July 2011, the daemons have been defeated and rebuilding has begun. However, there is no consensus if the new city again is called Magincia, or following classical Ultima-lore, New Magincia.

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