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Katrina, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia
Ultima IX
Katrina, from Ultima IX
Location: New Magincia
Transcript: Katrina
Ultima: Runes of Virtue
Katrina, from Ultima: Runes of Virtue
Location: New Magincia
Ultima VI
Katrina U6.gif
Katrina, from Ultima VI
Location: New Magincia
U6 Transcript: Katrina
The Ultima 6 Project
Katrina, from The Ultima 6 Project
Location: New Magincia
Ultima V: Lazarus
Katrina, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: New Magincia
Ultima V
Katrina, from Ultima V
Location: New Magincia
U5 Transcript: Katrina
Ultima IV
Katrina (U4).png
Katrina, from Ultima IV
Location: Magincia
Description: a shepherd
U4 Transcript: Katrina

Katrina is a recurring character and one of the companions of the Avatar. A native of Earth,[1] Katrina possesses a longevity typical of many Terrans dwelling in Britannia, with appearances spanning the centuries of Ultima IV, V, VI, VII, and IX.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

Katrina on the NES
Following her migration to Lord British's realm, Katrina settled into the life of a simple shepherdess amidst the haughty merchants of Magincia. When the city was destroyed for its sin of pride by a horde of daemons, Katrina was the only living soul spared in the destruction. Alone on the ruined isle of the dead, she lived amongst the wreckage of the city until the Stranger landed on her shores. Speaking to the hero, she bore witness to the island's proud past and spoke as to the importance of the virtue it ignored: Humility. No doubt eager to leave the desolation of Magincia's ruins, she joined the Stranger's company in a pilgrimage toward the Abyss, where she was present to see the other-worldly traveler attain the mantle of Avatarhood.[2] In the years following the hero's enlightenment within the chamber of the Codex, she returned to the wastes of her former city, helping to resettle it as New Magincia: a towne of simple folk devoted to the Humility Old Magincia had ignored.

Remaining in this remote location, Katrina seems to have largely avoided the attentions of Blackthorn's tyrannical regime during its persecutions of the Avatar's former companions—although it seems likely that she, like the others, was nominally declared outlaw during the years of the Oppression.[3] Living quietly amidst farmers and herdsmen, this simple woman nevertheless waited for the hero's return to the realm, and offered to again lend her aid should it be asked of her.[4] Regardless of her part in the Avatar's victory, however, Lord British was eventually returned to power, and the usurping Blackthorn sent into exile.

Years later, during the time of the Gargoyle War, Katrina remained still in New Magincia, having changed little save that she now tilled earth as a farmer, rather than tending a flock as a shepherd. Once again, she would join in the Avatar's company, if asked.[5] In the course of this adventure, when Lord Antonio bade the Avatar to find the humblest person in New Magincia, Katrina would decline to answer her friend's inquiries, stating that it would be vain to answer such a question and worse to lie about it.[6]

Age of Armageddon[edit]


In the centuries that passed after peace was eventually forged between the men and gargoyles of the realm, Katrina remained still on New Magincia's shores. Some years before the Avatar's return in Ultima VII, she became responsible for the upbringing of an orphaned child, Constance. Her charge eventually grew to become the water bearer of the town, bringing the cool waters of the Well of Humility to the inhabitants of New Magincia.[7] Once Constance blossomed into womanhood, she was courted by her childhood friend, Henry, and Katrina, eager to assist in bringing the couple together, gifted the young man with an heirloom locket to court her foster-daughter with.[8] Some time before the returned hero arrived on New Magincia's shores, however, the locket was stolen, and Constance, thinking Henry a cad, spurned him in anger. [9]

Once the Avatar was again in New Magincia, Katrina was—as always—more than happy to join the hero's party if asked. It is possible that the Avatar also looked into the matter of the missing locket, deducing that it had been taken by Robin, a rogue from Buccaneer's Den who sought to traffic Constance into sexual slavery after courting her. The hero could thereafter slay the blackguard and his companions, and return the lost bauble to its rightful owner, saving Katrina's step-child from a bleak outcome.[10]

After the destruction of the Black Gate, Katrina returned and stalwartly kept her watch over New Magincia, seeing the passing of the Imbalance, the Great Cataclysm and the eventual abandonment of the city as the corruption of the Guardian overtook its citizen's hearts. Like many of the hero's other friends, she did, for a time, find herself under the sway of the red titan's influence, although she never was tempted into joining the ranks of the Wyrmguard. By the time the Avatar returned to the world for the last time in Ultima IX, she was a solitary goatherd, tending her droves on the deserted isle. Under the auspices of the nearby column, she selfishly demanded that her friend aid in chasing away the wolves and vultures that preyed upon her flocks before she would part with the towne's former sigil: the Crook of Humility.[11]

Later, once cleansed of such influences, Katrina would aid in the final defeat of the Guardian, journeying to Dungeon Hythloth to deactivate the corrupting column linked to it, helping to cut off the Guardian's power and to divert the catastrophic collision of Trammel and Felucca.[12]


Katrina as she appears in Fall of Magincia
A young shepherdess stood on a smooth patch of land by the edge of the swamp. She's wasn't a ghost but a real, live person.

Realizing that she was alive jarred me into action. I ran to her across the short patch of grass. "What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I am a survivor," she replies. Her eyes were haunted. She stood erect, but I could see her spirit was bowed by the disaster that surrounded her. She must have been a woman of exceptional strength to have avoided the fate of the others.

"The Tale of Katrina and the Noble"[edit]

Katrina was a shepherdess, and as far as she was concerned, that word provided a complete description with no further need of qualification. She was beautiful, to be sure, and wise as well, and held the respect of both her peers and those above her station. All this, however, had no bearing on the fact which defined Katrina to Katrina herself (and what other opinion mattered?). She was a shepherdess; she tended her sheep.

As it happened, the sheep she tended were not her own property, but belonged to a rich noble of the city of Magincia. In return for her service she was provided with a sturdy hut (kept scrupulously clean), and a regular allotment of both mutton and wool, which she could either reserve for her own use or sell in the marketplace.

See the complete tale at: The Tale of Katrina and the Noble


Katrina, Ultima VI
Nastassia, Ultima VII
  • Katrina's counterpart in reality is Kathy Flatt, a friend of Richard Garriott who has been known to go by the name of Trina. Flatt's husband, Dale, also appears as sailor Captain Elad in Ultima VI, and Moonglow healer Elad in Ultima VII.[13][14]
  • Katrina plays a significant role Hiroyuki Watanabe's Ultima-inspired manga, Ultima: The Fall of Magincia. In this comic, Katrina hears a prophecy from the Gods telling her to build a great arc, which she does with the aid of her father, a skilled carpenter. When the wicked fallen God, Vitor, destroys Magincia in the midst of his attempt to annihilate the world, this ship is loosed from its resting place and its prow impales the daemonic deity - killing both him and the newly awakened godling Susadora. She and her father survive this climactic encounter and Katrina's words end the manga as she looks out over the destroyed city and contemplates the innate goodness that lies within mankind.[15]
  • In Ultima VII, the character artwork for Nastassia in Cove looks very similar to Katrina's portrait from Ultima VI.
  • In earlier drafts of Ultima IX, developed under Bob White's tenure as lead designer, Katrina was to have been expecting a child and could be found taking refuge in Trinsic, along with fellow companions Sentri and Julia. In this version of the game, the shepherdess, together with Sentri, would have told of the circumstances surrounding the pair's escape from New Magincia and Serpent's Hold as they were each systematically razed by the Guardian's forces, as well as their investigations into the uncharacteristic failure of Britannia's rangers and paladins to respond to calls for aid. Upon reuniting with the Avatar, Katrina would have declined requests to join the hero's party on account of her pregnancy.[16]


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