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Vulture, from Ultima IX manual
Only appearance: Ultima IX

These birds are different from the others, as they look for the bodies of the dead, to feed on them. Normally they are harmless and flee from enemies. However, sometimes if provoked, they react with violence against the attacker or intruder, attacking with their sharp beak.

Can be found everywhere in the wilderness.

Although they only appeared once they had to exist before (in Ultima VII the saying "Vultures shall pick thy bones" is used).


The battle is barely over before the vulture arrives to feed among the dead and wounded. With wings spread to seven feet, it claws and bites to protect its rotting meals. The vulture will kill an injured party with patience, preferring to wait till death before it strikes. A good smite from a healthy warrior will chase a vulture to the skies. However, a death among their flock angers them that remain.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)
Someone told me once there was no good book written about vultures. Well, I think that's because they spend all their time up in the mountains, and seem to like high places. They also hate fire, so they to avoid building their nests near a camp. Maybe they're afraid their nests will catch fire.

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