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Devil, from Ultima III manual
Also known as: Balrons (Ultima III), Orcus (Ultima III)
First appearance: Ultima II
Last appearance: Ultima IV

Devils are a daemonic race of creatures encountered in Ultima II through IV. Listed as relative of Balrons in the bestiaries of Ultima III, these dark foes proved potent adversaries to even the most well-seasoned of adventurers.


Hellish beasts who delight in carnage and torture, devils have long fought on the behalf of evil. Descended from a slightly different stock than daemons, these beasts are often armed with the archetypal Satanic trident, although they have been witnessed making ample use of dark magicks and poisonous venom. When they appeared briefly on Earth during the terror inflicted upon that world by Minax, these dark creatures would also weave spells of paralysis to bind their victims before they slew them, although a well equipped adventurer could find certain magical repellants which would counteract these enchantments.


With trident in hand, the devil can quickly spell your demise, although defense is possible if you have the correct item in your inventory.
It thou attempts to overcome these mighty warriors of the Dark, then thou hadst best be protected by all means possible. Anything less will mean thy instant destruction. These archfoes are so filled with evil, that they can hurl poisoned magic bolts from across the arena. The slightest hit may poison thy character and sap their vitality.
These flying Lieutenants of Evil may sweep off-shore and chase thee across the waves. They are powerful magic users and should be avoided at all costs. Devils are particularly fond of torturing their victims when the opportunity arises.


  • The variant of devils known as orcus derive their name from Orcus, the Etruscan and Roman God of the Underworld. This deity has frequently lent his name to fictional demons and may have been the inspiration for Tolkien's orcs.

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