The Second Age of Darkness

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The Second Age of Darkness

The original Ultima II manual came packaged with the original releases of Ultima II. It is 18 pages long and written by Mary Taylor Rollo.

The Ultima II manual includes backstory from Ultima I, and attempts to bridge the gaps between the early Ultima games where little backstory existed. Original printings of the Ultima II manual were in black and white, and contained a number of important gameplay and grammatical errors. A small card containing a list of important errors was included with the earliest releases. These were fixed in later printings of the manual. Also of note is, that the cover of the first edition was different from the second edition, being in monochrome and riddled with claw marks. The even later "black box" and "grey box" releases again had a different cover and significant changes to interior art and layout.

The manual was later released as The Second Age of Darkness, and came packaged with the Ultima Trilogy I II III and later releases of Ultima II. It is 31 pages long. In-game, Lord British is the author of the book. The manual has been partially rewritten to remove slang, and goes out of character less often.

Book Content[edit]

The following topics are part of the book:

  • The story so far...
  • Instructions

Extra Content and Alternate Covers[edit]

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