Memoirs of Sir Cabirus

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Memoirs of Sir Cabirus
Memoirs of Sir Cabirus comes with Ultima Underworld I. It is 30 pages long. In-game, Corby, the scribe of Sir Cabirus, is the author of the book. In real-life, W.G. Armintrout has written the book.

Dictated by Sir Cabirus many years before the events of Ultima Underworld, his memoirs were designed to portray the Abyss colony in a positive light. The final pages of the work, written by Joye the Librarian, suggests that the colony had broken down after Sir Cabirus's death, and warns travellers to avoid the dungeon, for communication had been lost many years ago.

The European editions of the book were in a somewhat smaller format and the paper was more glossy.

Book Content[edit]

The following topics are part of the book:

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