Standard of Honor

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The Standard of Honor is one of the eight talismans of Sir Cabirus, representing the virtue of Honor. It was once carried by Sir Geraci, who was killed by large winged creatures with matted, brown fur and sharp, unsheathed claws, showing honor to the end. It is a strong symbol of virtue. It appears in Ultima Underworld I.


The Standard of Honor was kept by the Knights of the Crux Ansata. The Avatar received it from Dorna Ironfist, their leader, after destroying their worst enemy, the black knight Rodrick. It was cast into the lava of the Abyss later, to banish to Slasher of Veils.


This banner was carried by none other than Sir Geraci, who was slain at Lord British's side during the ill-fated expedition to the Underworld (as related in Warriors of Destiny). Though Geraci could have saved himself by fleeing, he instead upheld his oath to serve his king until death.