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The Playbook
The Playbook comes with the original release of Ultima I (then simply titled "Ultima") from California Pacific. It is 10 pages long. In-game, an unknown Sosarian is the author of the book. In real-life, Richard Garriott has written the book.

In the remake, this book was replaced with the book "The First Age of Darkness". The book is basically little more than an instruction manual with no narrative. However, unusual for 1980, it sports lots of nice illustrations created by Denis Loubet, which mostly show pictures of the various monsters encountered in the game. Of note however is, that the Sierra re-release as "Ultima I - The Original" contained a very different playbook. The cover was different and all illustrations were removed.

Book Content[edit]

The following topics are part of the book:

  • Loading Instructions
  • Movement

Alternate Covers[edit]

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