Underworld Series

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The Underworld Series

The Underworld Series is a compilation of Ultima Underworld and Ultima Underworld II, published in 1993. Both games come on one CD in their completely patched version. Included in the package are also Memoirs of Sir Cabirus, A Safe Passage Through Britannia and both paper maps.

After Electronic Arts bought Origin, they drastically downsized the package to reduce costs. All later editions from 1995 onward only contained a CD, the last editions even just a jewel case without a box, with all documentation and maps on it as PDF files. In Europe, a boxed version of the compilation was never released, just the jewel case version. In the European editions, the PDFs on the CD are in English, German and French, even though the games themselves are still in English only.


  • Since the Underworld games are not included in the regular Ultima compilations, this compilation was for a long time the only way to play the games, until GOG released them as a digital download in 2011.


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