A Safe Passage Through Britannia

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Front cover
A Safe Passage Through Britannia is the manual for Ultima Underworld II, written by Austin Grossman. It is 28 pages long and penned from the perspective of Lord British's court magician, Nystul.

Among its many topics, the book includes a recapitulation of events in Ultima VII, as well as the aftermath of the Fellowship's disbandment in the year that followed. These topics were never touched upon in the following games—and some not even in the game itself—presenting unique material of Britannian history.

The European editions look different, have a smaller format and are printed on glossy paper, causing a slightly worse print than originally. They are also only printed in monochrome, while the original had various shades of blue added. The books were translated into German and French.

Book Content[edit]

The book contains the following topics:

  • Foreword
  • A Brief History of Britannia
  • Britannia Today
  • Reconstruction
  • Leaders of Britannia
  • Other Planes of Reality
  • Virtues
  • Character Classes
  • Magic
  • Bestiary
  • Conclusion

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