The Book of Amber Runes

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The Book of Amber Runes
The Book of Amber Runes comes with Ultima III. It is 18 pages long. In-game, the Druid Selzhanik, mage of the Cult of Runes is the author of the book. In real life, Margaret Ellen Weigers and Roe R. Adams have written the book.

The book is written from an in-game perspective, and is presented as a manuscript given to the player by the Cult of Runes. Numerous full page illustrations accompany the spells, and it presents the intricate rituals required for casting magical spells in the game, although these rituals play no role in the game itself. The Book also gives information about the Cult of Runes.

The book was later reprinted in the Trilogy Manual compressing the contents onto fewer pages and removing the old illustrations. To make up for it, several new illustrations were created.

Book Content[edit]

The following topics are part of the book:

  • A word to the ascended mage
  • The spells of the mage

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