Shrine of Spirituality

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The Shrine of Spirituality

The Shrine of Spirituality rests on a floating dais in the boundless Ethereal Void. As the sole method by which one arrives or departs is via moongate, the Shrine is adorned with a perennial exit gate leading back to the terrestrial realm.

When meditating at the shrine, the traveler must chant the mantra, Om, to find enlightenment in the ways of Spirituality.


Erected before the Quest of the Avatar, the Shrine of Spirituality marked the first of many occasions the Avatar travelled to the Ethereal Void and has changed little throughout its history.

The circumstances facilitating moongate access vary by era: In Ultima IV, twin full moons were required, whereas simply stepping through a moongate at midnight sufficed in Ultima V. By the time of The False Prophet, the lone Shrine to escape occupation by gargoyles could be reached either when a moon in its last quarter phase was at the highest zenith, or more readily by using the Orb of the Moons, a method depended upon in Ultima VII after the obsidian stone had been appropriately activated by the wisps.

In the latter game, the Shrine of Spirituality notably served as a prison for the Time Lord at the hands of the transdimensional Guardian. In Ultima Underworld II, it was one of the sinister being's places of power and housed a Blackrock Gem, reachable only by first navigating a color-coded maze system.

The environment surrounding the Shrine in Ultima IX differed markedly from the bespangled, celestial ambience of prior installments, instead resembling a vast, misty cavern. While here, the Avatar was reunited with the ghost of Dupre, as well as those of any other companions who were slain as Wyrmguard.

Alternate Appearance[edit]

A Shrine of Spirituality


  • In Ultima VI, the Shrine of Spirituality adds one bonus point each to Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence when advancing a character's level.

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