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Shamino's Castle is one of eight keeps which house the rulers of the feuding states of old Sosaria during the events of Ultima I, and was home to King Shamino Salle' Dacil, a famed ranger who would later become one of the companions of the Avatar. The castle is located within the Lands of Danger and Despair, later renamed the Serpent Isle. It is visited again in Ultima VII Part Two.


Age of Darkness[edit]

Overview of Shamino's Castle in Ultima I
It is not known precisely how Shamino ascended to the throne of his kingdom, as he was allegedly but a simple woodsman in the days when he first met the future Lord British.[1] It is likely that he was granted co-rulership of the lands in conjunction with his engagement to Beatrix, the daughter of the King of the White Dragon, as records exist of his co-ruler assisting him in the erection of his castle. The princess was even permitted to move into the keep in the days preceding her marriage. [2]

During the Stranger's quest to defeat Mondain, the hero had need consult Shamino, requiring a white gem in his possession in order to activate the time-traveling device necessary to reach the wizard's stronghold. Shamino granted this to the Stranger, but only after they had proven their mettle by slaying a balron.[3] Also at this time, Shamino had imprisoned a princess, known as Dianne within his keep. While the hero was able to free hero doing so earned the displeasure of Shamino and his guards.

Eventually, Shamino left his lands to go and seek council with his Terran friend, British, now king of the Lands of Lord British. Due most likely to the eventual parting of the lands following Mondain's death, Shamino never returned to Beatrix, who died of a broken heart as she awaited him, thinking herself betrayed.

With Beatrix's death, the King of the White Dragon descended into madness, eventually taking the lives of his subjects as he fell into insanity and despair over his daughters death and the encroaching goblin tribes. Shamino's castle did, in fact, fall prey to goblin siege, and Beatrix's coffin was ransacked as the invaders stormed the fortress.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Centuries later, Shamino at last returned to his lands. The ranger, now in the company of Britannia's vaunted Avatar, came upon the castle once more as the hero and companions tracked the sage, Batlin who had trapped and murdered the bane-possessed girl Cantra within the grounds of the keep. Recognizing his former home, Shamino was able to pen a map of the grounds, revealing that a secret entrance existed deep within the mountains.

Upon entering the ruined castle, Shamino was beset by Beatrix' angry spirit, enraged over her abandonment. The Avatar and companions, in the meantime, eventually found Cantra's remains, within one of the fortress' bedchambers. The girl's lifeless body was entrusted to the Xenkan Monks who eventually were able to restore her to life, albeit with a shattered mind.



Each castle is held by a noble, the King of his particular region. Kings maintain absolutely power in their realm and are excellent sources of information. Visit these local rulers; they have much to offer the serious adventurer.

Things to See[edit]

  • West half of water: Bonus 10% of pence dropped (round down) to Random Stat
  • East half of water: Bonus 300% of pence dropped to Food


  • The Castle of the Lost King, The Castle Rondorin, The Black Dragon's Castle are similar to Shamino's Castle.
  • A number of ankhs are visible within the structure, implying that the symbol was in use long before Lord British appointed it as a sign of the virtues.
  • A haunted stove exists within the keeps' kitchen in later years, spouting jets of flame at any who approach it.


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