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Dardin's Pit is a dungeon which exists in Sosaria during Ultima III.


Situated north of Britain, Dardin's Pit was a hazardous place whose treasures did little to outweigh the danger of obtaining them. Swarming with gremlins and fitted with numerous traps, the dungeon had little to offer that could not be found elsewhere and with greater ease, although a hero in search of a challenge would nevertheless find themselves well rewarded with both gold and the Mark of Kings should they manage to brave its depths.


'Ware ye be, for the uncautious traveler is doomed for certain in this forsaken hell-hole. Gremlins, traps and magical wings will hinder thy progress on the upper levels, but intelligent and careful use of secret doors will lead to thy rewards

Fountains may be found to cure thy sick, but beware the poisonous waters which may flow within. Gold here, though, is plentiful on the lower levels, but it must ve earned at some cost. Marks, too, can be found by those who search diligently.
- Ragnar the Rugged


  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima III, the Dardin's Pit is known as the "Cave of Death" or as "Death Cave." Exploring its depths is essential to this version of the game as its eighth level holds the Silver Pick needed to obtain the Mystic Arms.[1]



  • Maps were originally created by TrigonMan3, hosted with permission.


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