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Devil Guard is a city located in a hidden valley in the mountains of Sosaria. It appears during Ultima III.


Devil Guard, Ultima III
Devil Guard was a remote settlement reachable only by a moongate when Felucca was in its first quarter. Despite its hard to reach location, the city still did a modest business with travelers, and food, drink and healing could all be procured by those with sufficient gold. Devil Guard also housed a branch of the guild and had a shop catering to those in need of exotic and hard to find equipment.

Several inhabitants of Devil Guard knew much of the magical Marks which explorers could receive in the dungeons. It was here that the Stranger could discover that these four mystic brands could be attained by touching hot metal and that each had a different use. In particular, they would overhear tales of a Mark of Kings -- useful in gaining the favor of Lord British -- and the Mark of the Snake, which could help them to pass onto the isle guarded by the Great Earth Serpent. [1]


The island city of Devil Guard is a strange place, indeed. The usual shops for food and health may be found, as well as a stable and a groggy pub. Though I am not a thief, and had no reason to investigate, I was told that there is a guild here where thieves may purchase tools of trade. I took special care here, as the secluded position of Devil Guard, hidden well within the Great Mountains, makes it a popular spot indeed for those in hiding. The populace is loose-tongued, though, and willing to speak of the things they have seen and heard. Some speak of the legendary Marks, which many claim have magical powers.

- Sigmund the Wingfooted




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