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The Dungeon of Time is a dungeon which exists in Sosaria during Ultima III.


Located deep within the mountains of the island housing Death Gulch, this dungeon was first charted by the Lady Tessa, who braved its depths as her contribution to Lord British's " Great Work."[1] Accessible only by moongate when Felucca was a waning crescent, this majestic labyrinth proved a necessary stop in the Stranger's quest against Exodus, as the enigmatic Lord of Time could be contacted therein and would give the hero the correct combination of the Four Cards needed to defeat the hellspawn.

In addition to allowing for this crucial meeting, the dungeon also held brands which would bestow the Mark of Kings and Mark of Fire upon those brave enough to touch them, and like many dungeons of the realm it held bountiful treasures for adventurers who came seeking material wealth.


Just to find this mystic dungeon is quite a feat, indeed. 'Tis rumored that the apparitions of the Time Lord can be seen within, hence the name.

To find this most majestic place, all the powers of the Moon Gates must be called to aid thee.
I cannot guide thee to the dungeon by precise location, for no reference point could I find.
Gold was most abundant there, and if ye venture unto the lowermost depths, the Mark of Kings may be thine.
- Mistress Tessa




  • Maps were originally created by TrigonMan3, hosted with permission.


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