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This article is about a castle in Ultima I. For the castle in Ultima II, see Castle Barataria.

Castle Barataria
Castle Barataria is one of eight keeps that housed the rulers of the feuding states of old Sosaria during the events of Ultima I. It is located within the Lands of the Feudal Lords.


The quest of the King of Castle Barataria on the Apple IIgs

Little is known about the ruler of Castle Barataria, although in later ages within the alternate reality created by the sorceress Minax, another keep bearing this name could be found on the distant Planet X, ruled over by a king known as Ozymandias (Ozy for short). Whoever the lord of the castle, they co-ruled the Lands of the Feudal Lords in the early Age of Darkness, in tandem with the ruler of Castle Rondorin.

During the Stranger's quest to defeat Mondain, the hero could consult with the lord of this keep, who would offer the adventurer a boon of strength should they quest for knowledge of the Southern Sign Post. Princess Marsha, a prisoner of the Baratarian king, could be found and freed within this castle as well, although doing so earned the Stranger the wrath of the guards and court.

It is not known what eventually befell the Castle of Olympus or its master, as the Lands of the Feudal Lords vanished shortly after the death of Mondain.[1]



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