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The Lands of Lord British.

Mt. Drash (or Mount Drash) is a mount that existed in the Lands of Lord British in ancient Sosaria.

The exact location of Mt. Drash is not known. Two different dungeons existed in the Lands of Lord British in Ultima I that seem to be related to the mount: the Mines of Mt. Drash, and the Mines of Mt. Drash II. The first one is in the northeast area of the lands, in a chain of mountains between the towns of Grey and Moon. The second one is located in another mountain range in the south of the lands, roughly between Old Fawn and Montor. The first one is the most probable location of Mt. Drash, although there is no confirmation for this. It is not known when or why the mines were carved, but it is likely monsters invaded them with the rise of Mondain and the start of the First Age of Darkness, like most dungeons of the time.

Long before the events of Ultima I, the first sightings of hill bears on the land ocurred on the slopes of Mt. Drash. The species, however, later spread throughout the land.

Escape from Mt. Drash game box art.

After Mondain started attacking Sosaria, a manuscript was found on the foothils of the mount, which contained instructions on how to use shuttles. The comparatively primitive people of the day, having heard prophecies that the hero who defeated Mondain would eventually have need to fight creatures that dwelt beyond the heavens, preserved this document and distributed it widely, in the hopes that one day, a champion would arise who understood its meaning.[1]

Mt. Drash is also featured in an obscure and non canonical game, Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash. In this game creatures called garrintrots have imprisoned the player in Mt. Drash, and the player's task is to escape the dungeons. A fan remake of this game, Mt. Drash: The Roguelike, also features the mount. This fan recreation tries to tie in the game with the main Ultimas by placing its events right after the Stranger's victory over Mondain.

From Ultima II onwards, Mt. Drash is not heard of. It is likely that the cataclysmic events following the defeat of Mondain may have destroyed the mount.


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