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The Perinian Depths are a dungeon which exists in Sosaria during Ultima III.


Located north-east of Britain, the Perinian Depths offered some easily grasped rewards for even an unseasoned adventurer, with the Mark of Kings located on its topmost level. Exploration of the lower depths, however, could prove a difficult errand, as travelers would be forced to first descend to the lowest depths of the dungeon before they could ascend to the levels between the first and eighth. An intrepid questant, however, would find ample stocks of gold and the additional Mark of Fire awaiting them.


Many are the rewards to the adventurer who dares this dungeon. The King is an easy Mark on the first level, but danger lurks below. The access to the lower depths can be achieved only by magic, save by use of a ladder reaching the lowest level, then climbing up. The vast quantities of golden treasure will lure the experienced party; but take care that thou art prepared for the traps, winds, gremlins, and other great dangers within.

- Sir Geoffrey the Giant


  • The word "Perinian" may derire from the Latin word "perennia," meaning perpetual or everlasting.
  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima III, the Perennian Depths are known as the "Golden Cave" or the "Cave of Gold."[1]



  • Maps were originally created by TrigonMan3, hosted with permission.


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