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Death Gulch is a city on one of the islands east of the Sorarian mainland. It appeared during Ultima III.


Death Gulch, Ultima III
A desolate and unwelcoming settlement, Death Gulch was a haven for criminals and thieves. Its so-called " guards" were brutal and corrupt strongmen, requiring bribes before they would admit foreigners past the city's fortifications - and should a traveler wander into Death Gulch's hidden corners they would find that dark creatures dwelt in the volcanic recesses of the mountains surrounding the towne.[1]

Honest adventurers would find little of value in this barren stronghold, although a dishonest and crafty explorer could make a small fortune should they set their sites on the local armoury. Such brazen robbery, however, would eventually alert the guards if it were not perpetrated by an expert thief, and a clumsy burglar could soon find themselves overwhelmed in Death Gulch's narrow streets.


Few travelers venture to this hold of death, but those who pass its gates find much to see. I did visit the pub, of course, as well as the armoury and the weapons shop. All were well-stocked with merchandise available for those who could pay the price.

Rumours abound here, of hidden paths that lead to great stores of valuable treasure. I did not tarry, though, nor care to investigate the tales. Should thy party choose to enter this heathen pit, select thy path with care, for it will lead either to great fortune or to thy death. - Sir Simon the Slayer


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