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The following information was taken from The Notable Ultima by Underworld Dragon. It is sorted here in a way close to game progression.

Mainland cities[edit]

Sorted clockwise around Sosaria, starting from Britain and the castle.


Is it not lovely?
Dupre laughs: Drink up!
Ho! Ho!
Round back!
Quest ye unto Lost Ambrosia!
'Dawn' comes each new pair!
Only with Exotic arms can you win
Exodus lies beyond the Silver Snake!

Castle British[edit]

Chuckles: Welcome all!
Iolo sings: Ho eyo he hum!
Gwino sings: Muh eh oye oh!
Cookie cries: Like the food?
Phantom Fighter: The food sucks!
Enter... If you dare!
West 8, South 35 and await the Dawn!
The Wise Cleric: 4 cards, 4 slots

Lord British[edit]

Welcome my child.
Thou art greater... Experience more!
Seek ye, the Mark of Kings!
No more!
Eat Death Scum!


Radrion: Prophet of Life!
And so the sage said unto thee, 'If thou can solve my rhyme, // you'll learn of marks & playing cards & hidden holy shrines.
Shrines there are again but 4 to which you go and pray. // their uses are innumerable and clues throughout I say.
To aid thee in thy cryptic search, to dungeons thou must fare. // There seek out the Lord of Time to help you if he cares.'
Of Marks I say there are but 4 of fire, force, snake & king. // Learn their use in Devil Guard, or death you'll surely bring.
The cards their suits do number 4, called Sol, Moon, Death and Love. // Unto the Montors thou must go for guidance from above.

Montor East[edit]

Baby Bob: Bring me bucks!
Jolly Joe: Ho Ho Ho!
'Marks' are useful!
'Exotics' are useful!
'Cards' are useful!
4 cards, 4 panels
<Insert> cards into panels!

Montor West[edit]

Sentri: Good grog!
Shamino: Good food!
Good stuff, eh?
Seek the Jester in castle Fire!
None shall pass!
<Search> for cards!
<Search> the Shrines!


Watch it, bub!
Don't you wish you were a Jester?
Yo! ho! ho! and a bottle of rum!!!
Ever seen Exotic arms?
Only Exotics will protect from Great Evil!
Exotic clues found at Dawn!


We are honored!
Peace be with you
To arms! And to battle!
<Bribe> guards! They will leave!
I've been beyond the Whirlpool!
Seek ye the Shrines of Truth
Dawn rises in the Dark Forest.


Search and ye shall find!
Peace be with you
Bonim Anima Teuri, Amen!
Know ye well thy foes!!
I've been beyond the Whirlpool!
Welcome to the Circle of Light!


EXODUS: Ultima ]I[, which is next? Now could it be!
Nasty creatures, nasty dark, sure thee ready, fore thee embark.
Fountains fair & fountains foul, all are found in dungeons bowel.
Seek ye out the Lord of Time, and the one way is a sure find! None return or so I'm told, from the pool, dark and cold!
Ambrosia, ever heard of it?
Shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength, all are lost into the brink!
Dawn, the city of myths & magic!
The conjunction of the moons finds link!

Remote cities[edit]

Sorted according to ease of access: (1-2) ship, (3) moon gates, (4) secret.


Welcome to Fawn: City of the sea!
Fawn is a nice place!
<Pray> in the Circle of Light!
<Pray> for the invocation!
'Invoke' the Silver Snake!
To pass you need a Mark!

Death Gulch[edit]

Begone fool!
<Bribe> me to enter
Exodus is four as one!

Devil Guard[edit]

Seek ye the dungeon of fire!
'Marks' gained in dungeons!
Hot metal leaves a 'Mark'!
Mark thee well!
4 'Marks', 4 uses!
The King favors a 'Mark'!
A 'Mark' helps invoke the Snake


Welcome to Dawn!
Dawn lasts but a brief moment!
Jolly good day!
Ambrosia awaits!
Seek ye thy fortune!
<Dig> up Exotics
<Dig> carefully!



A huge swirling --Whirlpool-- engulfs you and your ship dragging both to a watery grave!...
As the water enters your lungs you pass into Darkness!
You awaken on the shores of a forgotten Land
Your ship and crew lost to the sea!


You can't cheat the Gods!


Sorted by increasing difficulty (see also: here).

Dungeon of Time[edit]

Time awaits!
Gremlin gold!
Golden center!
Stair to heaven!
Time runs short!
Long march!
Very near now!


A red hot rod in the wall
Who will touch?
It left a mark!

Time Lord[edit]

You see a vision of the Time Lord. He tells you:
The one way is, Love, Sol, Moons & Death;
All else fails.

Dungeon of the Snake[edit]

Clues to follow!
<Insert> cards into Exodus!
<Search> the Shrines!
Death below!
Don't drink!

Dungeon of Doom[edit]

Welcome fools to your doom!!
Secret corners!
Traps & Treasure
Beware the winds
Map well!!!
Reach up!
Windy secret

Mines of Morinia[edit]

Mines of Morinia
Terror tunnels!
Long march!
Misty mines!
Mines of madness
G, T, & G!
Dark prevails!
Dry hole

Perinian Depths[edit]

Perinian depths
Go back!
Not here!
Quarter each!
Death awaits!

Dardin's Pit[edit]

Dardin's Pit!
Secret slides!
Beware traps!
Ever adventure!
Circle Death!
Colosal cavern!
Traps to gold!

Dungeon of Fire[edit]

Beware the fires of hell!
Trapped door!
Twisty maze!
Windy walk!
Gremlin city!
Devils den!
Go back!
Chamber of fire!


Castle Death[edit]

All may enter, none shall leave
Choose well your way!
Save me Please!!!
Death is here!
Leave quickly!


Congratulations! Thou hast completed Exodus: Ultima 3 in <x days, weeks, months, years>. Report thy feat!
And so it came to pass on this day EXODUS, hell-born incarnate of evil, was vanquished from Sosaria.
What now lies ahead in the ULTIMA saga can only be pure speculation! Onward to ULTIMA IV!

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