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The Exotics, as envisioned in the "Exodus" manga
Digging up the Exotic Armour

The Exotic Armour, found in Ultima III (and the Nintendo port of Ultima IV) is a magical variety of armour which can protect adventurers in places of extreme peril, such as they might find within the walls of Exodus' Castle Death.


Throughout their quest in Sosaria against the hellspawn, the Stranger and companions would find out that only the Exotic Armour could protect them from the great evil they would face on the Isle of Fire. Having received several hints from the inhabitants of Grey and Dawn, the hero eventually found the armour buried on the western side of a small island east of the city of Grey. Steeled with such equipment, the Stranger's party managed to advance into the heart of Exodus' keep, where they faced the daemonic machine at long last.


  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima III, the Stranger must obtain Mystic Armour, rather than the Exotic Armour which features in the PC version of the game. To do this, the hero must first obtain the Golden Pick from the city of Dawn, then use it to retrieve the armour from an island near Grey.
  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima IV, the Exotic Armour (or ☥ Armour) takes the place of the Mystic Armour from the original PC game. This rare equipment lies in a special chamber under Empath Abbey, where it awaits an eight-parts Avatar to claim it. Those not worthy yet of receiving it will find that the stairs leading beneath the Keep of Love spiral downwards forever.[1]

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