Exotic Weapons

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The Exotics, as envisioned in the "Exodus" manga
Digging up the Exotic Weapons

The Exotic Weapons, found in Ultima III are a powerful type of magical armaments. These weapons were necessary in the Stranger's quest to destroy Exodus, as only they were capable of bring harm to the fearsome creatures which inhabited the hellspawn's Castle Death.


During their quest in Sosaria against the great daemon-machine, the Stranger and companions would learn that only the Exotic Weapons could enable them to achieve victory against Exodus and its minions. Speaking to the inhabitants of the cities of Grey and Dawn, the heroes could find clues which would lead them to discover the arms where they lay buried on a small island southeast of Fawn. Readying such equipment, the party was able to face the perils of the great Isle of Fire and were eventually able to lay low the great evil which had made it their stronghold.


  • In the FM-Towns version of Ultima III a small island near to the site where the Exotic Weapons are discovered reveals a strange metal plaque bearing a number of game credits should the player dig there.

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