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This article is about the magical city in Ultima III. For the village in Ultima IX, see Dawn (U9).

Dawn is a magical city which appeared in the great forests of ancient Sosaria during Ultima III. Existing for but a brief moment during the darkness of a twin new moon, this place proved a haven for travelers seeking superior equipment and wise counsel.


The Hidden City of Dawn, Ultima III

Prior to the rise of Exodus, Dupre made a sojourn to this strange and mystical city on behalf of Lord British, then king of Sosaria. Although sworn to secrecy as to the fantastical place's location, the knight made note in his contributions to the "Great Work" that questants seeking for the fading city could find clues as to how it might be discovered in both Moon and Britain.[1]

Should an adventurer learn of the site of Dawn's manifestation, some eight spans west of the Castle of Lord British and thirty-five spans south from there, they would discover a city filled with skilled artisans and merchants, who offered the finest weapons, armor and equipment available in the age - although the prices for such goods were high. In this place, one could find the services of an armourer, weaponsmith, horse dealer, Healer, grocer, and a guild dealer or even an oracle, whilst refreshment could be procured from a local tavern known as Ballyhoo.

The inhabitants of Dawn would eventually give the Stranger several clues as to how to obtain the Exotic Weapons and Armours, insisting that the hero had to "dig" carefully on several small northern isles in order to find them. Some of these gentle folk also mentioned that Ambrosia awaited, but gave no further information as to how to reach it.


Through the deep mists of time, I searched for this -- the most beautiful and sacred of cities in all the realm. Though the secrets of its location I am pledged not to reveal, I can guide thee in these ways: Carefully search the cities of Britain and Moon, and through the fair castle of Lord British. Thy reward will be the knowledge required to learn the secret to her mysterious reappearances

Within the mighty walls of this great city are shops of all types where artisans, craftsmen, and traders sell their goods. 'Tis said, though I cannot attest to it myself, that magical weapons and armour are for sale here, and that the oracle here speaks true. Hidden well in a wooded corner are three wizards who can aid thee, for they know much of things exotic, and how best to find them. -Lord Dupre


Ultima III[edit]

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  • In Ultima III, the three wizards mentioned in the Lore above give directions on how to find Exotics, but because they are stationary, and because the original game does not allow for diagonal movement or targeting, the only way to T)ransact with the wizard in the corner is by killing one of the other two.

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