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The Circle of Light is a holy place in Yew that could be found during the time of Ultima III.


The Circle of Light

A sacred site of the city's druids, the Circle of Light is a unique structure made of rings of flame and water, with four clerics forever watching over it. It was rumored to be a place where the pious would have wisdom imparted to them. When the company of the Stranger came upon it, an earnest prayer revealed to them the word evocare, the exhortation needed to pass the Great Earth Serpent, which then guarded the Isle of Fire.

After the founding of Britannia following Exodus' defeat, the Circle was seen in Yew no more.


I've been told of a magical place where good and truth are strong. 'Tis known to them as the circle of light - a vision to behold. I'm told that those who seek to pray within are granted knowledge of great worth.

If there is more to tell, it cannot be with words. So far ye well, my friend; Seek and ye shall find.


The Circle of Light from Seiji Tanaka's Exodus manga
  • Evocare is a Latin word meaning "to summon."
  • In the Nintendo Port of Ultima III, which lacked keyboard support and thus the Yell command, praying at the Circle of Light would instead grant the player a Silver Horn with a function similar to that of the evocare directive.
  • In the manga adaptation of Ultima III, the Circle of Light is a megalithic circle similar to Stonehenge, at which a moongate may be summoned by the acolytes who dwell there. Early in the story, the protagonists seek this service, hoping to gain passage to Death Gulch. During the summoning, however, the city is attacked by daemons and a mystic barrier is erected around the circle, which proves to be the last stand against the siege as the heroes step through the gate.[1]


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