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The Dungeon of Fire is a dungeon which exists in Sosaria during Ultima III.


Situated amidst a volcanic outpouring of magma to the southeast of Britain, the area around the Dungeon of Fire may have been used by mages as an early source of sulfurous ash.[1] True to its name, the hellish labyrinth would grant those brave enough to brave its depths with the Mark of Fire, as well as the similarly potent Mark of Force. To get to the brands that would grant these mystic protections, however, a questing explorer would have to brave several floors riddled with confusing teleporters and deadly traps as well as facing a large settlement of voracious gremlins.


This dungeon is known well for the magical properties of the volcanic ash found near its entrance. Regretfully, through, it is also deserving of its reputation as one of the most deadly in the realm.

Gold is an easy find on the first four levels, but to reach the lower depths, one must face many dangers.
Beware the Gremlin City on the fifth level, or starvation will waste thy party. Take heed when on the sixth level, for traps surround the gold. I found the seventh level impossible to pass, but 'tis said that gold and the marks of Force and Fire will reward thee.
- Vargskull Halfblood




  • Maps were originally created by TrigonMan3, hosted with permission.


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