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The armour shop is like its counterpart, the weapon shop, a common sight in the far past of Sosaria and in the earlier days of the Age of Enlightenment. Here shoppers can buy armoury of different kinds, from the mundane to the otherworldly.


One of the first shops
As per today, the more combat-orientated purchaser could simply buy both armour and weaponry at one of the armouries that could be found in the cities or towns of Britannia. However, it was not always like that.

Pre-History to Akalabeth[edit]

In the far history of Sosaria also known as "Akalabeth", armouries did not yet exist, but there were some shops selling a very primitive and small assortment of armoury. For instance, axes, bows and arrows, rapier, shields, besides food and the mystical Amulet were its primary wares.

Age of Darkness[edit]

It wasn't until the second attack on the Realm by the wizard Mondain with his hordes of evil and foul magic, when things clearly started to change. Instead of one single primitive assortment, a more advanced establishment of different merchandise started to blossom. Now, individuals could actually buy weapons or armour in two separate shops.

Due to Mondain's alliances with starwalking monsters of unparalleled savagery, strange and alien technology was brought into the Realm. One of them, the highly advanced armoury became truly sought-after by the customers in the armour shop.

These alliances came to an end when the Stranger slew Mondain. Because no one knew how to make them, this alien technology disappeared from the face of Sosaria. Other more sophisticated weapons came in its place. This became the norm in the following ages of these dark times.

Minax's Earth[edit]

With the extended use of time doors Minax the time line of Terran history altered. One of the strange side effects is, that the same technology that was brought by the aliens in the First Age of Darkness, such as vehicles, highly advanced weapons and the highly advanced armour, which could be bought in the armour shops started to appear throughout all four major time zones once more.

As before, they became common trade goods in the towns and cities on this strangely altered world. Only to disappear again, as the Stranger slew the consort and apprentice of the Evil One and therefore history righted itself.

Age of Enlightenment[edit]

After the unification of Britannia and during the Quest of the Avatar, the economy flourished even more. People still could buy their arms at these weapon shops. All these armour shops became profitable armouries during the reign of the tyrannical Lord Blackthorn.



The tailors of protective garments await your pleasure in the armories of Sosaria. The finest craftsmen in the Realm will swiftly fit you in a suit made of worked leather or metal. Price varies according to the level of protection offered.
Buy fine armor, or trade in captured booty for gold. Please note that anytime thou dost sell armor or weapons, thou needst to re- equip thyself afterwards.
Fine armour may be purchased in the armouries of Britannia. 'Tis just the item to keep highwaymen from slipping a dirk into thy ribs! [...] The armouries will likewise offer trade-ins on used armour, although most would not consider them liberal. By the time most fighters get around to seeking improved armour, the old armour is almost completely falling apart, and its principal value is as scrap for the foundries.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • The Adventure Shop: One of the first, yet primitive shops in the far past of Sosaria.
  • The Armour Shop of Lord Eldric D'Charbonneux: A more sophisticated establishment in the early days of the Age of Darkness.


  • In the original version of Ultima I, every town and city has the same armour shop with the same wares.

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