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The wheat that is gathered on the fields of Britannia and the flour that is made from it at a mill would be useless as food items, were it not for the skilled people in the bakery, who work hard to produce their goods.


While the Grocery concentrates on selling vegetables and fruits, and other vendors have specialized in meat products, the bakery sells baked products like rolls, bread, pastries and cakes. The creation of these baked goods is a very taxing work, as it involves waking up early each day and doing repetitive and exhausting work. However, the gain from it is great, as only few have the determination to follow this career path for all of their lives, and therefore a determined baker can enforce a regional monopoly over time. Many of these individuals see themselves as artists as well.

Since bakers have always demand for flour, they are always eager to buy it, as long as the quality is good.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

Bakeries as a shop only appeared in Britannia in Ultima VI, although this trade has to be older than that. Despite it being a basic food producer and bakery goods being offered in all the taverns of the land, the producers themselves stayed in the background before that time. During that time, the baker Cullen of Britain proved to be one of the most profilic ones.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

Bakeries were still rare in the Age of Armageddon and still only appeared in Ultima VII in Britain, the biggest city of Britannia in form of the self-important baker Willy. However, in numerous taverns and in the kitchen of Castle Britannia the process of baking was observed, providing the possible explanation for the seldomness of specialized bakeries.

The situation essentially was still the same in the time of Ultima IX, only that the baker of Britain, a man named Jastral had ruined himself by causing the injured miller to be deported, effectively putting himself out of business. Later changes in policy allowed the return of the miller and Jastral to re-open his shop.


A bakery
Since the times before our great societal expansion, farming and animal husbandry have been the cornerstones of the Britannian economy. It is the farmer who grows fine grains for the baker and the baker who makes our bread.
The fundamentals for baking all come from knowledge of how to perform one simple task: baking bread. If thou art able to do that, thou canst bake anything, from meat pies to tarts for thy guests. It is important to set the flour first upon the table. Many bakers prefer to manipulate the dough on the hearth itself, but I prefer preheating the hearth (it makes for more thorough baking), so that is not possible. To the four, add water and mix until the two are well combined. The dough should be damp enough to be kneaded easily but it should not be runny.

Now is the time to place the dough on the hearth and bake it. After but a few minutes, thou wilt have quite tasty bread to eat. Now, the next item will prove a true treat for thy loved ones...
- from A Baker's Handbook (Ultima VII)

Notable Examples[edit]

  • In Ultima VII, Willy is the baker of Britain and not only has an over-inflated opinion of himself, but also is the center-point of some romantic elements.
  • Jastral is the baker of Britain in Ultima IX, although his actions with the miller have caused him to temporarily go out of business.

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